Squarespace 101

Welcome to the KMF Design Blog! Today, I will be chatting with you about my preferred website platform, Squarespace. So much of our world today requires us to have an online presence for our business, whether it be a website or a blog. However, online branding and web design can often be a daunting task for someone who isn’t an expert in the field. Many of my new clients have similar questions when starting out: What does an online platform even mean? Why, of all the options out there should I chose to work with Squarespace?

So, I have created a Squarespace 101 to answer all of your basic and detailed questions so you can get your online business moving, and continue doing what you love! 


In general, when you are looking to create a website or a blog, you need to start with two main things: registering a domain name, and finding a hosting platform.

A domain name is your website address (ex. www.kellimfischer.com). Your domain name must be registered through a service (paid yearly) to ensure that you have sole ownership of that domain and others can’t use the same website address. 

A hosting platform, in a nutshell, is how your website remains up and running. You need a hosting service in order to provide you with a server or cloud based memory to run your site and store your data.  

Whew, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about exactly what Squarespace is, and why I recommend it.   


Squarespace is an online platform that allows you to both register a domain, and have a hosting service, all in one fell swoop. You pay Squarespace monthly, or yearly, to host your site, register your domain, and provide you (or your designer) with a template to start design with. 

There are several other online platforms that provide similar services to Squarespace (for example, you've probably heard of Blogger and Wordpress). As a designer, I wanted to share the three main reasons that I keep coming back to Squarespace as my preferred platform.



Squarespace templates are all streamlined and simple, giving you or your designer the perfect building block to create a professional site. As a designer, the biggest complaint I get from both clients as well as website users, is that sites are rarely both easy on the eyes and functional. Squarespace takes this issue out of the picture, by starting with the basics and allowing you to customize and brand your business fully with any template. Because of this feature, Squarespace is a platform that can span all industries and experience levels. You are able to get a custom website appearance, without the high cost of paying a developer to design your site from scratch. 


Not only are the templates clean and beautiful, they are also pre-designed to be compatible across all platforms. As we all know, a lot of online traffic these days comes through clients using tablets or cell phones. Therefore, it's imperative that your site maintains its streamlined functionality across all devices. Squarespace does this for you, without you having to do a thing, it's that simple. 


Let's be honest, many entrepreneurs and bloggers out there are intimidated by the technical side of maintaining an online space. Using a platform with a user friendly interface makes all the difference; not only does it remove the intimidation factor, but it also saves you time, allowing you to easily maintain and post to your site without worrying about learning a complicated tech interface. Squarespace hides the back-end "coding" side of your site, so you feel like you are posting to social media rather than getting lost in the mumbo-gumbo of code. 

I hope this post was helpful in laying out the basics of online platforms and some advantages of using Squarespace. I would love to hear your experiences and reasons that you use your preferred platform! Also, leave any and all Squarespace basics questions below for future blog content!